NPTE Test Strategy Playbook Course 
The Fool-Proof Formula For Getting Down To The Right Answer For Every Type Of NPTE Question
 How Every PT Student Preparing For The Upcoming NPTE Can Increase Their Scores. Guaranteed. 
What Is the NPTE Test-Strategy Playbook?
This is the #1 proven online course for PT students that will teach you the most effective
test-taking strategies you'll need to pass the NPTE 👊

This NPTE Playbook teaches you exactly how to answer each type of question on the NPTE. 

Not only that...

You know how you narrow down questions to the last final 2 answer choices and you still don't know how to pick your final answer?

This NPTE Test Strategy Playbook is going to teach you that. 
(Even if you've narrowed down to the last 2 answer choices)

✅ It's going to teach you how to start studying smarter, and not harder ✅


The NPTE Test-Strategy Playbook also comes with a Playbook Practice Test,
an NPTE practice exam (developed by Dr. Rice himself) that you can take after you
go through the content in this course. 
Can you imagine increasing your self-confidence, your test-taking confidence,
 AND increasing your NPTE scores instantly?!  

I personally guarantee that you will understand the most effective NPTE test strategies in just one week of going through this course, or I will refund you all of your money back!

That's how serious I am about this Playbook. Because I know 100% that it'll increase your test scores. 

What's Included In The NPTE Playbook?
  • A Fool-Proof 5-Step Solution: To get down to the right answer for EVERY TYPE of NPTE question
  • Easy To Implement Techniques: That can begin increasing your practice exam scores in less than 24 hours
  • Short Step-By-Step Instruction Videos: To minimize the impact on your studying time
  • Expert Guided Assistance: On how to answer questions from EVERY SYSTEM tested on the NPTE
  • Playbook Mini-Practice Test: To apply all of the test-taking strategies you just learned in an exam format
  • Until-You-Pass, 24/7 access: To all of the strategies on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device 
Who Is This Course For?

✅ The student who put in a great effort in school but has difficulty interpreting, 
“what the question is asking"

✅ The student who is consistently getting down to the final two, 
but selects the wrong answer

✅ The student who is labeled as “the bad test taker” and 
can’t sleep well the night before the exam

✅ The student who has failed, but has a close PT school friend 
who passed on their first try

✅ The student who consistently finds silly mistakes when reviewing their 
practice exams and thinks, “What?! I Know This!”

Did you take that general 2 day NPTE course in PT school too?
87% of students I've spoken to who've struggled with the NPTE state:

"That 2-day course was poorly timed and didn't help much on the real thing."

If you are anything like them, you probably feel the same way.

That is why I've developed this step-by-step strategy course that will give you 
24-7 unlimited access to the BEST NPTE test strategies that are guaranteed to work.

Bonus Module!

🚫The 11 Biggest Mistakes Every PT Student Must Avoid On The NPTE🚫

(This alone is worth the price of the course!)

About Kyle Rice, NPTE Prep Coach

Whats up y'all?! So a little bit about me, if you didn't know already, I sucked at standardized exams all of my life. Actually I didn't even want to be a physical therapist initially. I wanted to be a respected orthopedic surgeon with a huge mansion in the upscale parts of Florida. But what happened to that dream?! 

Well.. it was flushed down the toilet when I couldn't pass the MCAT after 5 failed attempts. I had to find another career path which led me to physical therapy. Yes, PT was my second option! BUT I'm soo glad I went to PT school because I could NEVER do medicine! Not to mention, I fell in love with our ability to diagnose, treat, and help people with just our freaking hands! It's seriously the best feeling ever, when you give a person back the ability to walk or play their favorite game with their kids.

But my Physical Therapy dreams abruptly ended when I found out about the dreaded NPTE. After the initial weeks of anxiety wore off, I began researching EVERYTHING about how to pass the NPTE. After a year of searching, I found most information was for people who were great at tests, and not for people like me. 

In my second year of PT school, I took matters into my own hands, trialing out what works and what doesn't on PEATs, Therapyeds, and Scorebuilders. After months of trial and error I found a set of test strategies that was allowing me to consistently score above 80% on all my exams. With my knowledge and application skills along with those GOLDEN TEST STRATEGIES, I was able to score a perfect score on the NPTE. An 800/800 BABY!!! And guess what?! Since 2013, I have been teaching over 3,000 PT students how to successfully use those golden strategies too! 

Here's What Other People Are Saying About 

The NPTE Test-Strategy Playbook

I LOVED The NPTE Test-Strategy Playbook Course!

It was a great way to supplement studying the actual content and provided me a systematic approach to answering every single question. I loved how well-organized it was!

- Victoria C. 

My scores are going up with each test!

My favorite part of the Playbook is that even with the knowledge, looking at the questions from this different perspective has definitely helped me out with answering practice questions. My scores have improved by 20 questions from start to finish! 

- Amy T.  

I am so grateful for Kyle and this Playbook!

I purchased the Playbook simply because I wasn't passing practice exams. After studying for countless hours, I was still making dumb mistakes, causing me to fail each exam. This course taught me how to show what I know by focusing on keywords, patient statements, and utilizing checks to choose the best answer. I took the retired PEAT today and passed! I even got an 800 on one section and a perfect score on one section.

- Kimani H. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Is There Enough Time Before My Exam For The Playbook To Work For Me?
Absolutely! Students already in the course have reported significant score improvements within 3 days of beginning the course. Of course, results may vary between students, but the students who begin implementing the strategies immediately get the most benefit
Will This Course Add Too Much To My Plate?
This course is very flexible and is go at your own pace! The videos are 10-15 minutes in length on average and can be watched anywhere at any time.
The best part is that since you should be taking daily practice questions anyway, why not have an expert guide you through how to answer them for the NPTE?
Can I Take This Course With Another Review Course?
Absolutely! I recommend it! Your review course is only giving you little techniques to use here and there. Taking a full test strategy course will make sure that you are completely ready for your NPTE. 
Will This Course Conflict With The Test Strategies I Have Already Learned?
No! Absolutely not! This course is here to teach you how you can go step by step to arrive at the correct answer. You will be taught new and highly effective strategies that will work with the strategies you are currently using. 
Is There A Payment Plan Option?
Yes! There is a 2-month payment plan option. You can select the payment plan when checking out.
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