I Will Show You
How To Solve NPTE Questions In Seconds.

You just have to follow this "review course"...

I Will Show You
How To Solve NPTE Questions In Seconds.

You just have to follow this "review course"...

Wanna pass the NPTE?

Then There Are 2 Things You Gotta Know:

Now, you just spent 3 years and $150,000+ learning about physical therapy. So I bet you've got that part down solid.

But have you ever learned how to take tests?

Most schools don’t teach you a thing about how to take tests. They just give you the textbook, and then they throw you in the deep end!

Then, some people swim... and some people sink.
I know because I’m one of the guys who sunk. 

In fact, my bad test-taking skills totally derailed my career.

I’ll tell you all about my story in a bit. (It involves failing the medical school entrance exam 5 times!).

But before I get into that, I need to tell you about something else first.

I need to tell you why some people breeze through the NPTE like nothing...

While for other people, the test might as well be written in Chinese!

So what's the difference between a test genius and a test klutz? 

It All Comes Down To One Thing:

How You Think About The Test.

Once you understand how the test works, everything else falls into place. This is how I went from "standardized test klutz" to scoring an 800 on the NPTE.

You see, when I was studying for the NPTE, I came up with a simple mental checklist.

For every single question on the test, I'd go through this checklist... and then I'd know the right answer. Once you learn this mental checklist, the NPTE will make a lot more sense.

Even better, anyone can use this mental checklist. (Yes, even you!)
  • Even if you're a bad test-taker. (Hint: you’re only a “bad test taker” because no one ever showed you how to take tests!)
  • Even if the NPTE scares you. (You won’t be scared anymore once you understand how the test works.)
  •  And even if you failed the NPTE last time!
I’m gonna tell you all about my mental checklist in a little bit.

But first, I promised you I’d tell you my story. So let’s get into that:

Well, My Name’s
Dr. Kyle Rice.

(But you can call me Coach K.)

You probably know me from my podcast, the NPTE Clinical Files. And now, you’re probably wondering:

Am I really about to pay this guy to help me on the NPTE? So to help you get to know me, I wanna tell you a little about my story. Because I’m basically the worst test-taker of all time!

I scored in the bottom 10% of the country on my ACT’s. Somehow, I still got into college... and then I decided I wanted to go to med school.

So I took the MCAT (the medical school entrance exam)... and I failed 5 times! Even worse, I didn’t just fail. I failed badly.

A passing MCAT score is a 28... and I never scored better than an 18! I was so ashamed of myself, I didn’t come home for Thanksgiving that year.
Because I knew my parents were gonna ask me questions like:

“How is medical school going?”

“Did you pass the MCAT yet?”

“When are you gonna become a doctor?”

And I couldn’t bring myself to disappoint them. Eventually I gave up on medical school, and went to PT school instead.

But in PT school, my test-taking chops went from bad... to worse. I'd get so nervous that I would literally pass out in the middle of exams.

(Like, the professor would hand me the test... and then I’d just collapse on the desk!) It wasn’t like I was dumb. 

And it wasn’t like I didn’t know the material. I did great on the practicals...

Transforming Terrible Test Takers into Triumphing Scholars: Unveiling Our Proven Strategies!

Transforming Terrible Test Takers into Triumphing Scholars: Unveiling Our Proven Strategies!

I Just Couldn’t Handle The Written Exams!

All through PT school, I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head. Because I knew that at some point I was gonna have to pass the NPTE. 

And I was sweating bullets over that! After all, I couldn’t start my career until I beat this thing. Meaning I couldn’t afford another repeat of my MCAT’s.

So I started studying 14 months early. And this time, I approached things a whole lot differently. I figured, hey: I’m learning everything I need to know about PT in PT school.

What I really need to learn about is how to take tests. So, I read everything I could get my hands on about how the NPTE works. I learned how the test-makers think. I learned how they come up with questions. I learned the formula behind all the questions — and how to figure out what they’re really asking.

And I developed an easy-to-use system for solving every question on the test. I tested my system on practice test after practice test. And it worked like a charm. My scores on the practice tests kept going up and up and up — until they got above 90%.

That's when my confidence went through the roof. I stopped stressing out about the exam. In fact, I was actually looking forward to it!

When Test Day Rolled Around,

I Answered Question After Question Like I Was Popping Bubble Wrap.

It was easy. And all I did was apply my formula. 

A week or so later, I got my results back — and I scored an 800!

And, oh my God. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt.

You know how you feel after you get home from a long trip, and you plop into your bed? It felt like that... only 100 times better.

I had beaten the final boss. After I saw my passing score, I thought I was done with standardized tests for the rest of my life.

But then, I did some reflecting... & I decided:

I Couldn’t Just Sit By And Do Nothing!

Because all the time, I heard people talk about how they struggled with the NPTE.

And I would flash back to my own struggles with the MCAT. I felt all the embarrassment, regret, shame, stress, and mental anguish all over again.

I thought about how angry I got with myself. I thought about how awful it felt disappointing my parents.

And I replayed all the embarrassing conversations I had with my friends and family in my head. That’s when I realized:

Other people were going through the exact same thing I went through. Just because I was done struggling didn’t mean everyone was done struggling.

After all, there are still thousands and thousands of people out there who have no idea how to take standardized tests! (Are you one of them?)

Unfortunately, Our Society Assumes You’re Dumb If You Can’t Pass A Test.

That means people who struggle with tests have to settle for second-rate schools and second-rate jobs.

Some of them are even barred from their dream career, just because they can’t pass the entrance exam.

It's not fair. So, I decided I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I couldn’t watch talented people miss out on their dreams — just because they didn’t know how to take a test!

I had to teach the world what I knew, so people like you could get the NPTE over with and move on with your life — instead of getting bogged down by failure after failure.

So, I started a podcast — the NPTE Clinical Files — where I break down how I approach test questions.

Then, for all the people who need extra help, I put my heart and soul into building 2 super-in-depth programs... including the NPTE Review Course.

What's the NPTE Review Course?

The NPTE Review Course is my flagship course, where I show you how to think about NPTE questions. Basically, it turns your brain into a test-taking “machine”.

When you put a test question into this “machine”, it spits out the right answer. This is the mental checklist I was talking about. It’s a simple series of steps for you to go through every single time you see an NPTE question.

Once you go through these steps, the question will make a lot more sense, and you’ll be able to answer it. Sometimes, you won’t even need to look at the multiple-choice answers. You’ll know the answer before you finish reading the question!

This isn’t a magic bullet, of course. You still need to study. And you still need to know physical therapy concepts. I’ll help you with that, too.

In fact, we’ll have you feeling confidently prepared from start to finish.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re gonna get a whole lot more than that...

Client Testimonials

Here's Your Sneak Peek: 

What You're Gonna Get Inside The NPTE Review Course.

In the NPTE Review Course, you’re gonna get over 100 hours of content — which contains a whole bunch of goodies.

First off, I'm gonna teach you the "mental checklist" I mentioned. That checklist involves:
  • Looking for key phrases in the question.
  • ​Understanding what test questions are really asking.
  •  And then ruling out answer choices until you’re left with the right answer.
If that stuff sounds confusing now, don't worry. I'll show you how to do everything.

I'm also gonna help you drill it into your head so deep, you won't be able to forget it even if you want to!
And you’ll also learn some other useful tricks, like:
  • An easy way to rule out 2+ answers on many questions... without even reading the question!
  • ​How to deal with your anxiety, so you feel confident on test day.
  • Identifying your weaknesses and adapting to them as they evolve.
  • ​​How to answer questions in less than 60 seconds, so you can finish each section of the exam with time to spare.
  • ​​How to think like a question writer.
  • ​​And the reason why a lot of the stuff you're studying won't even come up on the exam!
And as a bonus, you’ll get 100+ hours of my lectures on NPTE concepts. These are designed to be easy to understand, and easy to remember.

So By The Time You Take The NPTE, You’ll Be Ready.

You’ll be breezing through test questions without breaking a sweat.

(You know the scene in Queen’s Gambit where Beth starts seeing the chess pieces moving on the ceiling? 

You’re gonna be just like that — but with NPTE questions.)

I’m not joking.

I’ve seen people improve their scores by 150 points just by following this system — which'll be enough to get you comfortably above the pass line.

What My Students Say About The NPTE Review Course.

But you might be wondering, “How do I know the Review Course will work for me?”

"Sure, it worked for you, Coach K ... But how do I know it'll work for me?"

Here’s the thing about that.

Hundreds of people have come to me for help on the NPTE... 

And the vast majority of them have passed the test with flying colors.
People come into my programs, they study for 3 months, they pass, and they move on with their lives.

I've seen it happen over and over and over again!

Now, every now and then I have a student who fails the first exam...

But they never fail the second. (I’ve literally never had a student who didn’t pass within 2 tries.)

You don't have to take my word for it, though.

If you click on these videos, you can check out what my students are saying about the NPTE Review Course.

For example, here's Arjelle and Emily, who hated taking tests:
“Every time I knew a test was coming up, I would freak out. And I wouldn’t do as well as I wanted to. I’m very grateful to have found the NPTE Review Course because it helped me decrease my anxiety.”

Dr. Arjelle Lawrence

“The NPTE Review Course was incredible — it was exactly what I needed. This amazing program taught me how to break down each question. It showed me where I was making errors, & how to fix those errors.”

Dr. Emily Bremmer

How To Get Past

I’m looking for motivated students to join the NPTE Review Course. Are you gonna be one of them?

You don’t have to decide right now. 

But if you’re curious about the NPTE Review Course, I hope you’ll come talk with one of my NPTE Specialists.

They’ll help you understand the course even better, so you can make a final decision.

If you’re nervous about talking to someone, don’t be. It’s gonna be a pretty laid back chit-chat. No commitment, no pressure, no stress.

(We don’t bite, I promise!)

Just click the button below:
Plus, Even If You Decide Not To Enroll In The Full Program, 

Your Specialist Will Help You With 3 Things:


Everyone has specific weaknesses in their NPTE game. By studying up on those weaknesses, you can improve your score big-time. On this call, we will help you identify those weaknesses.


Everyone has specific weaknesses in their NPTE game. By studying up on those weaknesses, you can improve your score big-time. On this call, we will help you identify those weaknesses.


We will help you figure out a study plan that gets you past the 600 mark.


And finally, we’ll show you the next step — something you can do tomorrow to get moving in the right direction.


We will help you figure out a study plan that gets you past the 600 mark.


And finally, we’ll show you the next step — something you can do today to get moving in the right direction.
If you're gonna talk to us, I recommend scheduling your call soon. Because the sooner you get started on this, the better.

(After all, you’ll need a good 2+ months to go through this program properly.)

I can't wait to meet you. And I can't wait for you to get past this test, and start your PT career.

Talk to you soon.

-Coach K.

Individuals Are Suggesting The PT Hustle.

P.S. If You're Still Reading, I Wanna Mention One More Thing:

And that is, pre-test jitters. Because when I was studying for the MCAT, I was freaking out! I was biting my nails, pacing around, and constantly on edge. I just wasn’t in a good headspace. And that was one of the reasons why I did so poorly.

Does that sound like you? If so, I’ve got some bad news: The more stressed out you are about the NPTE, the worse you’re gonna perform on the NPTE. In fact, being nervous can decrease your score by 25 to 50 points!

But there’s good news, too. Because there’s plenty of time between now and the exam to deal with your anxiety. And frankly, there’s no better way to deal with pre-test jitters than to actually feel like you understand the test!

I see it happen to all my students. As they start doing better and better on their practice exams, all their stress just... fades away. I bet the same thing will happen to you. When the test rolls around, you’ll walk into the exam center confident. Even better, you won’t be freaking out while you study — meaning you’ll be able to study better!

Plus, you won’t be a nervous wreck over these next few months. You’ll be able to study with a clear head, relax a little, and even have some fun. How does that sound?

If you want to chat with us about dealing with your nerves — and all the other cool things you’re gonna learn in the NPTE Review Course

P.P.S. And One Final Thing, If You're Still On The Fence:

Every now and then, someone tells me they didn’t sign up because the NPTE Review Course is “too expensive”. My programs do run on the pricey side. AND, there are 2 good reasons for that.

First off, this is my full-time job. And I have to pay my employees, my staff... and that ain’t cheap! And second, if you’ve already spent $150,000 on PT School, paying a bit more to get through the NPTE is nothing.

After all, what’s gonna cost you more money? Investing a little in a prep course? Or failing, and missing out on 3 months’ salary? Plus, working with me gives you peace of mind, knowing you can move on with your life.

And finally, think about what’s gonna happen if you fail the NPTE. Failing the NPTE means having some embarrassing conversations with your friends, your parents, your classmates — and maybe even your future employer.

Do you really wanna risk going through all that? I’m not asking you to pull out your credit card right now. But why not come chat with us? After all, talking to us will cost you literally nothing.

And the NPTE Review Course could be the difference between passing and failing. Now, my coaches don’t have all the time in the world. They’re busy talking to other people like you. So I highly recommend talking to them while they still have space in their calendar.

Oh, by the way: this is the end of the page. Are you in, or out?
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